January 4, 2009

Self-Publishing Reviews

I’ve started a new site devoted to self-publishing: The Self-Publishing Review. I’m gearing up to finish a book and I don’t have the heart or stomach to deal with the querying process again. Mainly because the novel has some of the same issues as North of Sunset – it’s sort of in no man’s land in terms of genre. North of Sunset was criticized for being both “too commercial” and “too literary,” which I took as a compliment. The new novel is part science fiction, but I’m not a science fiction writer. Also, though, the thought of “making it” as a writer is not really my guiding principle anymore. I just don’t have that kind of ambition or that kind of belief. So I’m going to release the book myself.

Excited about the prospects for this site – an attempt to legitimize self-publishing. There’s plenty of great writing that goes this route. I’ve been connecting with writers for the site. First review/interview is for the novel, Homefront, by Kristen Tsetsi. Incredibly good, inspiring, makes me feel good about this project.

If anyone out there wants to write for the site, please contact me. Need writers in all areas, but especially book reviewers. There’s no way I can handle reviewing books all by myself. I want to be critical of bad books too, believe me. Check out the site.


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