August 15, 2008

Go Out and Stay Out

All right, so I wasn’t up to diving back into this. I’ve been incredibly busy in ways that I don’t necessary want to blog about it. Don’t want to be overly morose or divorce-and-tell about a marriage that went sour. Doesn’t feel right. Instead I’ll blog in song. It’s all been very good fodder for songwriting. I’m going to go Elvis Costello “Blood & Chocolate” and write a record about my divorce. Here’s the latest song, first song written and recorded in my new place, which conveniently has an extra office space that I’ve turned into a studio.

Go Out and Stay Out - Ash Tree

Also, in other news, The Golden Calf got a really nice review @ Oxyfication. Click that Golden Calf link and you can read the book for free.

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