July 13, 2006


Thanks for the comments on the last post, especially from those of you who have been coming here for a while and seem to be still coming back even though I haven’t been posting much recently except self-promotion. I have to figure out how to write the blog and work intently on the new novel, a book that’s part-autobiographical—me at 50 years old as seen through the eyes of me at 34, who’s also in the book as well. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out Magazine Man’s recent entries: a crazy-heroic, beautiful story about rescuing his dog. Start here and read up.

Update: speaking of self-promotion, here’s a nice review at Compulsive Reader.

July 10, 2006


Last week I got an email saying that I had been nominated for the Grand Prize at the Hollywood Book Awards. I submitted North of Sunset several months ago and forgot about it. I couldn’t tell if the thing was legit. Just a short email three days before their awards ceremony inviting me to a restaurant in L.A. Went there on Saturday night. A swank restaurant, Tangier. Open bar, people walking around with platters of appetizers. Seemed like a real thing. I proceeded to drink many whiskies.

Pamela Des Barres read. Author of the groupie memoir I’m with the Band. She looked sullen and alienated at first, sitting alone, waiting to read. Either she didn’t like the gig or she was waiting to be fawned over. When she read, she was a total pro, lighting up, hitting lines she’s probably read a thousand times—about listening to the Doors first record with Jim Morrison.

Talked to some of the other writers. A Hawaiian writer with a children’s book about Santa Claus. A government encryptor with a book about dolphins. Then the organizer of the festival came up to me and told me that I’d won the $1000 Grand Prize. Holy shit, I’ve never won anything in my life—maybe a five dollar lottery ticket. I set down my fourth whiskey so I could still form sentences and went up to the stage to receive the award. Gave a short speech, read half a chapter, and received this:


My wife and I came home and took a series of drunken pictures with the trophy. Yesterday, we took the prize money and went to the supermarket and bought things that I would never buy, like beverages and obscure frozen food, because, you know, I live in the fast lane. And I need a new printer. Also fast. Damn cool to get this award. Check out the Hollywood Book Festival site.

In other good book news, Poddy Mouth reviewed North of Sunset. She says: “The writing is stellar….I think you'll agree it is not so much who influenced the writing; it is who this writing will influence. Trust me when I say that this book is one you buy and one you keep.” Really happy with this review. She only reviews so many books and her site has gotten a lot of attention.

I’ve got to drop a nod to Cantara Christopher who told me about the festival. Buy her books. I think I can now feel like promoting the book has worked and I can get back to the new novel and other parts of my life.

July 7, 2006

Four Interviews

Four interviews:

Interview with Susan Tomaselli of Dogmatika: more proof that she’s my favorite online person. I can almost see what she looks like.

Noah Cicero is a real writer. A publisher should give him a million dollars. After they give it to me.

Jacque Vallee at the Daily Grail.


I almost feel like I want to start writing about my life again...

July 2, 2006

Laura Hird

There’s a nice review of North of Sunset by Mike Ferraro at LauraHird.com. Especially nice is my collected internet stuff in the sidebar. For some reason, most of the reviewers of NoS have been British: Dogmatika, Grumpy Old Bookman, Ready Steady Book, Laura Hird, and forthcoming from Scarecrow. I need to get a review at 3 AM Magazine to complete the cycle. Maybe they’re more forgiving of a sub-independent book.

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