January 25, 2007


I am going to be on a panel at the:



Getting Published – The Book Panel

Moderator: Jodi Wille, Process Media
Iris Berry, author, "Collect Calls"
Ellen Reid, Little Moose Press
Henry Baum, author, "North of Sunset"

January 18, 2007

Falling from the Sky

Help support a new anthology I’m featured in: along with Kristopher Young, Tony O’Neill and other good writers. Says there:

For any pre-order contribution above and beyond the base price of $12 we will list your name in the back of the book as a friend of the press who helped make this release possible.

We’re putting out Falling from the Sky no matter what - but there are a lot of expenses involved in releasing a book, and we’re hoping your generosity will help to defray those out-of-pocket costs. It’s really simple - the faster we recoup the sooner we can release the other great projects we have in the works. Once we recoup our direct costs, we will begin paying out 100% of contributions as royalties to those involved in the project. Our authors can optionally ‘tip-back’ part of their earnings to Another Sky Press which we hope in the long run will make us self-sufficient… but right now, we need your help.

Click the cover:

Falling from the Sky

January 11, 2007

More and More

Update on my life. I dropped out of one computer obsession only to replace it with another. I’ve spent the last few months researching computer recording. For a while I shunned computer recording for no good reason. I wanted my fiction life and music life to be separate—also I didn’t need another reason to stay on the computer. Thought recording on the computer was too impersonal. I started looking into it—got a box to plug in a mic and guitar. Got a midi controller keyboard. It totally and completely fucking rules. I can play real piano, strings, horns, synths, whatever. Amazing the amount of stuff you can do.

The recording I’ve put down here so far has been so sloppy and imperfect. I never took songwriting very seriously because I could never record it like I wanted. Figured that after I make a million dollars I’ll be able to record in a real studio w/ strings, horns. That or I’d meet some friendly, willing musician types. None of that seems to be happening. So I’ve finally made the leap into taking songwriting seriously. It’s all I’ve been thinking about.

Here’s the first thing I recorded. I hope to record a lot more in 2007. I’ll put it up here. I spent a lot of time with this song just trying to figure everything out:

More and More

Another cool thing recently is I was listed in the 2006 Underrated Writers project. Thanks go out, again, to Susan of Dogmatika.

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