May 18, 2007

Another Dentist

You can now read the PDF for the Falling from the Sky anthology online, including my story, Camera Shy.

Falling from the Sky PDF

After you read it, donate here or buy the printed book.

Last night I finished the rough draft on a story about a dentist who visits a psychic. Help me think of a title. In the running:

1. Dentist
2. Whitening
3. Wisdom Teeth
4. Root Canal

C’mon, there have to be some other good dental terms out there.

May 11, 2007


A couple new reviews of North of Sunset: “A must read Hollywood thriller.”

Front Street Reviews: “A natural to be made into a movie, maybe along the lines of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”

Reality Sandwich

Daniel Pinchbeck's got a new group blog: Reality Sandwich.

May 7, 2007

Dear World/Come on, Peace/Silver Lining

Finished a song, in three parts. I put this down for a while, while I got back into the novel. It’s part of the concept record, which I’m not calling a rock opera anymore. It’s not a rock opera—it isn’t told from different character’s points of view, like Tommy: The Acid Queen, Cousin Kevin, Tommy, etc. And not like my own novel, which trades off between two characters. But it still parallels what’s going on in the book: WW III.

Oh my dear world will you leave us alone
We’re independent of what has gone wrong
We need the time to work out our lives
If we do not we will hate you in time
That might be wrong but that's the way it is
We’re in a prison of others’ ideas
They need the time to work out their lives
If they are wrong do we deserve to die

Come on peace, you arrive today, on the way
What a relief, we will pass away

What’s beneath the silver lining, is it peace or is it dying?

This is a remake of something I posted here earlier, all on acoustic guitar. Pretty much the catalyst for me trying to figure out a better way to record. Don’t tell me you like the acoustic version better b/c I don’t want to hear it.

Dear World/Come on, Peace/Silver Lining

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