June 24, 2006


I am writing this entry on my new Macbook. The other night my old G3 was totaled. The screen burnt out and it wouldn’t be worth the money to get it fixed. Been thinking about getting a new computer for a long while. Internet service here hasn’t been much better than dial-up. Now I belong to civilization again. Video! I can watch video! I can watch the end of the world in real time! The speed!

The computer died just as I was writing this entry in a journal with the thought of blogging it:

Just started reading The Motion of Light in Water: Sex and Science Fiction Writing in the East Village, Samuel R. Delany’s memoirs. This is why I get addicted to the Internet. I clicked a link on Metafilter (I don’t remember what it was) and in the comments thread someone recommended the book. What made me click on that link that led me to a book that might have a big impact on me? Books find people, and all that. I don’t think it’s random. It’s kept me tethered to the computer as a lot of these seemingly random clicks have led to some good encounters, with books, people, or something else, which is kind of bad news because I keep clicking hoping for another fix.

The computer crashed while I was writing that paragraph. Something doesn’t want me to use the computer so much. I can do a lot more with this new computer, but it's a blank slate, too many bad habits had built up on that computer. Man, it even feels nicer to type on the keys. A white computer rather than black which had become like typing on Darth Vader.

Here’s a first glimpse of things I can see now. John Lennon playing “Yer Blues” with Eric Clapton, Mitch Mitchell, and Keith Richards on bass. “I’m lonely, wanna die." I know how to celebrate.


Voix said...

Welcome to 2006. I just got a new iBook G4 this year and I love it SO much.

Have you had a chance to play with wireless yet? You'll be totally hooked.

Anonymous said...

My G3 Ibook is growing dimmer daily and I have already picked up a Macbook to replace it. Love the new machine. I look forward to reading the first book you do on it.

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