June 26, 2006


Castpost.com doesn’t seem to be working so I uploaded all my remaining songs to my iDisk account. Here they are:

Buy the Time
Chinese Hope
Come One
I Didn't Know
In the Beginning...
I Walk The Line
None the Rest
Now is the Time


IanB said...

HI Henry ! Just put my order in for 'North of Sunset'... it's in the RetroBabe! reading list foir sure !! I'll catch up on your other works when I have the time but I am a notoriously slow reader !

Henry Baum said...

Amazing. Thanks a lot, Ian.

El Diablo De Verde said...

Happy birthday to yoouuuu
You were born in the zooooooo
With the elephants and monkeeeeeys
All around youuuuu

Happy birthday over there in Santa Monica, Henry.

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