May 11, 2007


A couple new reviews of North of Sunset: “A must read Hollywood thriller.”

Front Street Reviews: “A natural to be made into a movie, maybe along the lines of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”


Doris Booth said...

Bestselling Author’s Secrets for Writing Scenes: Tip #3


Here’s Secret #3 of 12 tips for fiction writers from bestselling author Bonnie Hearn Hill on how to create, link and focus better scenes. Be sure you’ve added yourself as a friend to receive Bonnie’s next important step! Also, check out Bonnie’s online writing class at

The Big Twelve

Once you learn to create and link focused scenes, you will be well on your way to writing marketable fiction. Keep this list close to your computer to guide you through the process.

3. What does your POV character want in this scene; what is his/her scene goal?
Without a clear scene goal, you will not have a scene; you will have an event. “I want to give the reader some insight into my character,” may be the author’s scene goal, but it is certain to lead you to an event, not a scene. This is not about what you want but what your character wants.

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