July 23, 2007


Where in the hell was Youtube when I was 16-20? Spent a long time the other night typing in long-loved hardcore bands. I would have loved this back then.

NoMeansNo is the only band I still listen to from then. John Wright, the drummer, is Godlike. I had no idea he was singing while playing that stuff. So he’s hyper Godlike. So’s his brother, Rob, the bassist. I love how they look like your friend’s dad. They always did. Singing “Sex Mad!” Or looking like Bill Gates. Take that Gang of Four:

Favorite song, Dark Ages:

The Fall:

Nice to see so many comments saying how much they love this band. I listened to them ALONE. Saw them once, 1990 in Portland, OR. Tried to see them in L.A. when I was 17. Turned away because it was 18 and over. Sent them an indignant little hate mail letter.

Man, I love this band.


Richard said...

I also loves Nomeansno!
I saw them twice in Holland about 14 years ago in Paradiso Amsterdam and in The Trojan Horse in Den Haag.
The albums "Sex Mad/You Kill Me" and "Wrong" are my favorits.

Kurzleg said...

Thanks for posting these! I hadn't heard of Nomeansno until recently (suggested listening at Emusic for Jawbox). Irreverent is the word that comes to mind. Plus, they rock!

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