August 1, 2007


A great short documentary about rapture-ready Christians. Boy won't their faces be red when their skin's melting off.

(via Posthuman Blues)


Nat said...

ahahaha this is pretty funny - how'd you find this?

ever since the beginning of time, people have been convinced that the apocalypse is NIGH - accurate insofar as their own mortality goes, and patently ridiculous as far as reality goes.

like the theological/religious stuff from which this kind of thinking invariably stems, it is invariably an infantile projection - the absolute opposite of objectivity.

the funniest part of this is of course that EVERY time in history has been full of all of those classic harbingers of the apocalypse - crumbling societies, feuding moralities, environmental disasters, wars (seemingly) without end...yet everyone idiot who experiences these things in their time thinks that THEY are the special ones, living in unprecedented times. which, sadly (or not) they are most definitely not.

umberto eco's 'name of the rose' is great for this sort of thing, have you read it?

Henry Baum said...

I haven't read it, but I've read Foucault's Pendulum, the Da Vinci Code for eggheads. I'd be more amused about this if the line of thinking wasn't endorsed by people in power like Delay, Joe Lieberman, and George Bush. At this rate, an American president could come and try to unleash a Biblical armageddon, no pussyfooting around it like the war in Iraq. Or you could just wait to read about it in The American Book of the Dead by Henry Baum.

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