February 28, 2008

3 AM

I’m in this, a story, “Thirteen Mississippi.” I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s available here. Thanks to 3AM and Social Disease.

3am anthology

If anyone’s wondering what I’m up to: I have plans to post some music here soon but it’s taking a while. Now that I’ve decided to take songwriting more seriously, and I can play anything I want to: drums, strings, whatever, I’ve become a fairly insane perfectionist. I’m on, like, the eighth draft of the same song. I need to admit that it might not be possible to record a totally clean recording by myself. I’m thinking of a Dinosaur Jr. record called “Whatever’s Cool with Me,” where J. Mascis plays the drums. The drums are strangely, but interestingly, off. I’m deep into it, though, and enjoying it, the main thing I think about. Anyway, I hope to have something done in the next week or so.


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