March 20, 2008

Come On

Finally finished this song, the first one with Logic Express 8 and an electronic drumset. Took me forever to set up the drumset, long story. And I have so many toys at my disposal now that I’ve been fiddling with this song endlessly. But I gotta finish something. Much more thought out than other recordings, but problems here and there that could be better.

I think I’m out of practice not playing in a band for so long. Gives me new appreciation for musicians who are able to play any kind of music flawlessly. I’ll get better at this. Quit denigrating myself. Here it is.

Come On - Ash Tree

A remake of this song, posted last year. Man, I don’t remember it being that slow:

Come One


come on inside
sit by the fire
it’s on tv
and we can make believe
we’re watching news.

let’s take a ride
on our hard drive
we’ll cure the virus
spreading like the measles
of our youth

don’t we both just paint a picture
of people don’t want to be known
two people will make one except if
that person doesn’t reach out
to the only one they know

come on we’ll
reap what we scythe
and sleep through the night
at home
come on we’ll
seem like we’re right
and be who we want
to know

come on let’s fight
about our life
we’ll reach a truce
when we realize the world
is not alone

it’s a delight
to be alive
in time we’ll find that we
can be on top of
what we love


Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

Great lyrics! Really unique.

Art lives!


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