February 12, 2009

Interview with Tessa Dick, Philip K. Dick's Last Wife

I interviewed Tessa Dick for the Self-Publishing Review. Awesomely cool that she contacted the site and awesomely strange she self-published.

Soon enough I'm going to finish my Philip K. Dick-inspired novel. Yes, soon.

Update: Most amazingly, this interview has made the

L.A. Times
The Guardian
The New York Times


Gabe McCaslin said...

Crazy. Can't wait to read your novel... is there a specific story or novel of PKD's that inspired you?

Henry said...

Check out the my review (linked from the interview), I go into it. I love his later novels, which he started writing after he married her - Valis, et al. Also love Ubik, Palmer Eldritch, Counter Clock World, Scanner Darkly...

tuffy777 said...

thanx again for plugging my novel!
great interview, too!
~~ Tessa

tuffy777 said...

I just got a google alert, and the interview is all over the net!

thanx again!


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