April 16, 2009

The Tea Baggers

You know, I’m not saying anything that’s not blatantly obvious, but I’ll lend my piece. This is the core message behind the teabaggers – not taxation.

This could be the kind of thing that around December 2009 we can look back and laugh about the crazy, stupid things that happened during the year, but many of these people are a lot more scary than that – Columbine kind of scary. These “revolts” have arisen because of a sense of powerlessness, and they’re the minority, but it takes no power to wield a weapon. And people who believe something so contrary to logic – that this is Obama’s fault – are capable of much worse leaps than holding an offensive sign.

Andrew Sullivan has the best takedown of the Tea Party Tantrum.

And this guy's a hero:


Kristen said...

After having my mouth mauled by a dentist this morning, I was listening to conservative talk radio and there was a lot of bitching about taxes.

They don't want them. They want Americans to possess their money and do what they want with their money, not give it to the government so the government can decide what to do with it. (that was almost word for word)

But I'm left wondering this: if no one paid taxes, who would pay for the roads and the schools and the parks and town upkeep etc.?

Certainly not the people who are so intent on keeping THEIR money that THEY earned and want to do with what THEY want. I have a sneaking suspicion that if there were no taxes, this country would look like a shit crater.

Henry Baum said...

And at the same time they want to increase defense spending to bomb every other country, but without figuring out how to pay for it. The stupidity is mind-boggling.

You should see L.A.'s roads. The state's out of money and there are places you have to avoid driving. People aren't really considering anything except their own visceral, aimless anger.

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