October 18, 2004

Central Scrutinizer

Hi, it’s me, I’m back. But I don’t know for how long. I’ve become progressively obsessed with this election. Dangerously obsessed, in the cult mind-set, can’t see straight sort of belief. Truth is, I can get addicted to anything. The stakes are so high in this election--life and death, a battle between blind-religious and rational thinking, the possibility of an actual apocalypse. I’m not going overboard here--the Suskind piece in the NY Times yesterday talks about everything regarding Bush’s faith except the obvious--his belief in the inevitability of the Rapture and the Second Coming.

I’m getting off topic. So much is riding on this election that it has overtaken my mind. Nothing much matters to me. I can’t work, all I want to do is read political stories. If I see a pro-Bush piece I search for a positive Kerry article to balance it. Oh, that feels good, a little jolt of optimism, I want some more of that. And so on. I’m a nut.

So I have neglected this blog. I have really neglected the American Book. I am partly interested in seeing how this election turns out. I think the sky is going to fucking clear when Bush is elected out. I read somewhere that the Bush Presidency is like a bad relationship--we won’t know just how bad we had it until it’s over. Fear hangs over everything like weather. I’m of the belief that half of the terror alerts are bullshit, so if Kerry gets into office, the terror alerts won’t be necessary. He is going to discover a war on terror campaign that may seem like it’s intentionally mismanaged.

I read pro-Bush articles in which people say Kerry will be defensive on the War on Terror, Bush will be offensive. These arguments aggravate me so. Number 1. Bush has been on the offensive and look where it’s gotten us. He has mismanaged it so far--what makes a Bushite think that he will do better in the future? Number 2. Bush is so maligned in the world that nobody is going to jump to our side if we do need to preemptively strike again. Number 3. Less importantly, Bush has terrorized the country himself by pumping us full of fear of the enemy. Being that fear of terrorism is basically all that Bush has in his corner, these points are important. Kerry will defend the country against terrorism because he has to.

All right, I thought I could purge some of my political bent by writing a non-partisan blog entry. I can’t. I want this election to happen already so I can move on. I think Kerry’s going to win due to incredibly high voter turnout numbers--people who are not now being counted in the polls--young people, minorities, cell phone users, the anti-Bush sentiment is huge, even with Republicans, etc. Still, I find following this election fun and satisfying. This is the reason people follow religion--a belief in something much larger than themselves. This election seems much deeper than Democratic vs. Republican: it’s spiritual, intellectual, moral as well. The election of one of these two men is going to drastically change the culture and emotion of the world. I can’t stay away from it.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel that if Bush were re-elected, all joy, happiness, and even the passage of time would end on that hateful, fateful election night. If God really does love us, he will not go with this crazy-cracker Christian. God, save us.

tequilita said...

pobresito henry, take a valium man.

Empty Drum said...

I have a question, and it's not meant rhetorically or antagonistically:

What are you going to do if Bush is re-elected?

Have you given any thought to the possibility, loathsome as I know it is for you?

Your thinking seems so polarized, and you have so much emotionally invested in a Kerry victory, I fear that you will succumb to despair if things go the other way.

Just FYI, although I am still undecided, my thinking at this point is that I may very well be voting for K.

Henry Baum said...

I will not die a sudden death if Bush gets re-elected. It's not really worth thinking about right now. There is one school of thought that if Bush gets re-elected he will fuck things up so severely that there will never be another Republican administration. This is a demented form of optimism.

I am not so worried Kerry will lose. The main thing I'm worried about is voter fraud. At this point, that may be the only way Bush gets a victory.

Henry Baum said...

Also, glad to hear you're leaning Kerry. Andrew Sullivan has been interesting lately. A pro-war conservative who just can't trust Bush. Conservatives are jumping ship. Even Pat Robertson questions junior.

Empty Drum said...

Yeah, Andrew Sullivan's one of my absolute favorites. His opinion carries a lot of weight with me.

I've been compiling a folder of "defectors" - Political partisans and others who are jumping ship this time around. Both ways.

It seems to me that Bush has alienated Republicans to a far greater degree than Kerry has alienated liberals and Democrats......

Empty Drum said...

Meant to say : "Bush has alienated *conservatives* and Republicans", above...

xo. war. said...

i don't like bush. i don't know enough about him to hate him yet.

xo. war.

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