December 9, 2005



This is cool. I was getting fed up with my original book cover designer so I emailed another and asked if she’d be able to do a better version of the same idea. She sent this back. She’s expensive so I don’t know if she’ll design the cover, but I like having this.



The prettiest girl from my high school class is dating Jack Black and is pregnant. Here they are at the "King Kong" premier. This is strange. Happy for her though. I've been friends with her to some degree. Better friends with her sisters. Their father is Charlie Haden, bass player for Ornette Coleman. For a time, Charlie Haden was the jazz teacher at my high school, before a horrible saxophonist with frizzy red hair took over, just as I was old enough to join the band. I lost out in jazz band to be the "A" drummer to Jake Busey, Gary Busey’s son, who’s now also in movies.

Jack Black went to my high school. He was a couple of years ahead of me. When I was 15 I played drums at a party in a band with Jack Black singing. We played covers of "Iron Man," "Crazy Train" and others. He was really flamboyant and talented and an exhibitionist back then. I’ve wondered if there’s any video of that party that could make it into a "True Hollywood Story."

This is why I write about Hollywood.


Empty Drum said...

Nice moustache!

Jack Black looks pretty good, too.

Philofaxer said...

I think I liked your more license-plate like covers better.

As for Jack Black, I have been told that if a movie is ever made about my life, he could play me. I'm not sure what to make of that.

Natalia said...

Dood! I love Jack Black. You lucky so-and-so...

Empty Drum said...

So, Henry -- how did your meeting with the directive prospector go??

Henry Baum said...

Went very well. He's a genuine, down-to-earth guy and he's liked the book a lot of years. He's eager to get the movie made.

So Philo Stairs looks like Jack Black? We need a picture. I like the other plate more too. This one's too cartoonish. Nice that the designer did this for free.

Miladysa said...

Nice blog :)

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