December 5, 2005


Last week I was listed in the L.A. Times as a notable L.A. blog, which is really fucking cool.

Just did a link trade with Get Published or Die Tryin. It’s sort of a spin-off of Reader of Depressing Books, but Noah Cicero is a writer in his own right. One of the best blogs I’ve seen in a while.


Empty Drum said...

Interesting that right after your 'blog receives national attention, the site becomes inaccessible for several hours (at least from here on the East Coast).
Just another Blogspot glitch, or....something more?

Cui bono ?!?

Henry Baum said...

Blogspot was shut down across the board, I think. Strange too to get this notice because I don't really feel like blogging today.

M. Fresh said...


Joseph K said...

You = Da Man.

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