April 11, 2006


Thanks go to Dogmatika for the very kind review. Key thing:

North of Sunset would make a fast-paced, successful movie, but don't be fooled in thinking that Baum's work is a pumped up script, it's most definitely not. The narrative is a taut as a drum and the dialogue effortless, making North of Sunset a page-turner and an example of an effective piece of storytelling that should be envied.

That site again, which you should all link to and visit daily is:


Susan of Dogmatika is Jesus. She advocates poor and meek people such as myself. OK, that’s taking it too far. She’s Mother Theresa.

I’m out of commission for the next two weeks blogwise. Convenient, considering the last two posts which are going to stay up for a while. My daughter’s out of daycare for two full weeks for Passover break. We need a new daycare center, but those are the places in our neighborhood. Strange timing, last week I got two jobs, one which should be pretty steady employment. I’ve been looking for a job for six months and when I get one I’m very pressed for time. When it rains it pours, always the case. Mostly, this is very good news. Feels great to be working again. To be getting paid for work. But the blog’s going to have to be on hold for the time being. For the next couple of weeks I have three jobs.


Voix said...

Congrats on all the work and the great reviews! See you when you get back.

Trula said...

Ah, the life of a writer. I totally know what you mean...get it while the getting's good.

Mark Pettus said...

Congrats on the paying gigs, and on the good reviews.

The Dogmatika review was a remarkable piece of writing itself. She was obviously moved by your story - and made me think I probably would be too.

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