April 5, 2006


Had two job interviews today. Went well. Just found out that I got one that should be a pretty interesting freelance gig. Looking up things. Things looking up.

Cantara Christopher wrote the first real review of North of Sunset as a comment on the Grumpy Old Bookman post. It deserves its own link.

Here are the best parts:

North of Sunset is an engrossing novel--and it is a novel, not a souped-up film treatment with literary pretentions…Every character he does portray is true, deep and vivid, particularly the women (astonishing for a writer Henry's age)--crucial to a book that uses a diversity of character portraits to build suspense. His style is invisible, yet precise and satisfying to the senses and intellect. There is a plot, probably the most over-used one in screendom, the serial killer with the quirky MO--although, in Henry's hands, this plot is dealt with free of sensationalism. Instead, it reveals the zeitgeist of Los Angeles with the understanding, even compassion, of a native son. It is the least cynical book about Hollywood I've ever read…

I get the feeling that Henry's attempting to stretch beyond Raymond Chandler, that he's going for Flaubert. I think in North of Sunset he succeeds. And he does it in only 270 pages, and one hell of a last line.

Turns out I wrote a non-cynical book for high-brows. Damn!


El Diablo De Verde said...

Congrats on the new gig and good luck with the other interview. Hope you get it, too.

Most of all, congratulations on the great book review. I've been dying for a good read after starting and stopping the most recent William Gibson. Maybe NoS is what I need to break the spell.

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