October 5, 2006


So I’ve been going through a bit of a self-apocalypse lately. Meanwhile I’m working on this rock opera thing and thinking about more than writing (recently) a novel about the apocalypse. Point of an apocalypse is that something better is supposed to come of it. This song is after the disaster has settled and they’re happy to survive (“We’ll drink to life and light”). Personally, I’ve been in a better place myself. Pinpointed some of the stuff I need to deal with and I’m not taking some important things for granted.

I think I’m about done recording like this, or I’d like to be. Last weekend I went to a friend mine’s house. He writes music for commercials, stuff you’ve probably seen, the Verizon wireless commercials and others. He does all his stuff on computer. There’s so much he can do, and do flawlessly. Strings sections, horn sections, anything he wants. I’ve avoided thinking about recording on the computer because it seemed too cold. I like the feel of an actual recording instrument. This is what I’ve been using:


Hugely limited. The computer stuff he showed me seemed pretty tactile. But setting up on the computer would cost a fair amount of money, which I don’t have. So that’s out for now. I’ll record like this, more raw, more of a demo, but I’ve been enjoying it:

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Anonymous said...

Man, that's the best yet. You were almost crooning there in places! Keep it up, computer or no computer. You do know you can get a kickass 16 track hard drive recorder now for like $500 right?


Henry Baum said...

Thanks, Drum. I mean, ED. It's more of a straightforward pop song than the last one. I'll look into buying a new recorder when I've got $500 to burn. I think computer software would cost me $600, plus a mixing board, preamp, etc. I want it all.

nat said...

excellent song.
what kind of computer do you have? depending on what you want to do, its VERY do-able to get cheap and/or cracked recording software action.
once the leap is made its really mindblowing.

Henry Baum said...

I'm on a Mac. If I was on a PC I could get free software. It might be cheaper to just buy a cheap PC and get some hacked software.

Anonymous said...

G4? -N

Henry Baum said...

I'm using a dual processor Macbook:


I think only new versions of Pro Tools or Cubase work with it.

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