October 6, 2006

Torres Interview

There’s an interview with me at Cesar Torres’ blog, conducted last spring. Thanks to Cesar for putting this together. He’d email me a question, I’d respond, he’d email me back another question. Most times, I’ve gotten the questions all at once. I’m in a slightly different place since then, gotten an agent. Might be less bitter today.


Emil Michelle said...

Henry, I read your interview. Outstanding. I didn't know that people got so irate at your writing female-sex stories? Mental myopia, I guess. Who cares? Writing is writing.

You had some great thoughts on self-publishing. Again, why not? And it proved a point: your writing is extraordinary, the Big Money Publishers should have scooped it up, it was highlighted in EW, and you got a great agency out of it. Just goes to show what 'They' know.

A rock opera, too! I wish I was so talented.

Anonymous said...

Alfred Hitch*censored*’s Three Investigators totally rule!

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