February 21, 2007

New Edition

Not quite the fanfare of this post, but I put out a new edition of my novel. Finally put quotes on the back and a publisher’s logo:

NOS Cover

Can’t quite read what it says there but it says:

“A page-turner and an example of an effective piece of storytelling that should be envied." Dogmatika

“Successful both as a suspenseful, engrossing thriller and as something more: a savage satire on aspects of modern American life in the vein of DeLillo‘s White Noise.” Compulsive Reader

"The best Hollywood novel I've ever read, including my own." Richard Rushfield, author of On Spec

“A satirical, yet eerily naturalistic L.A. fable.” Kim Cooper, 1947 Project

Winner of the Hollywood Book Festival Grand Prize

Order it here.


Chris Gerrib said...

I write reviews for POD People and TCM Reviews.

I'd love to review your book. If you're interested, I can be contacted via my web page.

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