February 20, 2007

Out in the Woods

Finished a song. This took me forever. Never experimented with sounds like in this song before. And it’s getting increasingly hard to play drums with my fingers (middle part) on the drum machine. I dream of getting one of these:


Or these:


But we don’t have the space for it. I’m happy with how the song turned out.

Out in the Woods


Steven Brent said...

That sounds awesome. It's got an openness and emotional depth, and your arrangement really brings that out...synth lends a welcome squelchiness. Your music is becoming less brittle and more flowing. Great stuff!

Henry Baum said...

My squelchiness plan has worked.

Anonymous said...

Don't quit your day job!

Nothing wrong with expanding your horizons, but I sincerely hope that you’re not taking this singer/song writer thing to seriously.

In my opinion, stick with the authoring gig.

Henry Baum said...

This doesn’t bother me. I can deal with it. I like what I do. But someone should write a book about the new wave of people shitting on each other online. Really, it’s an epidemic.

Anonymous said...

I think you make a good point "... people shitting on each other online ..." Would you not agree that everything is fair game if everyone wants to share everything with everyone? Are you not posting things to receive feedback? Some of which you will agree with and some not so much. If the negatives bother you, than why post and contribute to the "epidemic"?

Henry Baum said...

I can accept negative feedback, or "at least they took the time to listen," but this seems like something else, a sort of Simon Cowell response, which is more sadistic than constructive.

Meow Meow said...

Hell yes - good stuff, not fricking awesome... yet! but suprisingly layered and intricate - if your just getting into this stuff in the past few months then its really really impressive and keep on keeping on.
I fiddled around wit music for a while and one of the biggest rewards I noticed was my ear and appreciation for others music - same with writing, but prolly even more-so
as for anonymous... you at least have to have the guts to use yer real identity when critizin and offer up more than 'don't quit yer day job!' thats not feedback - thats just trying to be hurtful for hurts sake
If you put work into yer craft and people just offhandly shit on it anoynoumously without REAL feedback ... I'd call it trolling

Henry Baum said...

Weird that as soon as you think something, there's an article about it:


Anonymous said...

Some article. I bet you think the internet is a *real* news source.



Anonymous said...

Incredible work sir! The first anonymous guy couldn't be MORE off base imo.


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