March 30, 2007

Hollywood Apocalypse

Brush fire erupts in Hollywood Hills

SoCal Fire

SoCal Fire



Anonymous said...

These are stunning photos. Inspiring. I know we've been discussing titles, but "Hollywood Apocalyspe" is just about the best thing I've heard lately. I'm laughing my ass of at it actually. From the town/industry that brought us "Armageddon" and "End of Days" and all that crappo--its Hollywood Apocalypse! Marketed as H.A. Ha!

You better copyright it now before someone else does...


You should write abook about an aging fighter with knucles like walnuts - cat quick but needs bifocals -- no spicy food -- large shaggy grey haired head on sloping gorilla shoulders -- he is lost in the world -- thinks telephones are rude - he is going tothe elephant graveyard -- worth is not measured in $$$$ but in honor

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