April 3, 2007


Thought while reading a book about alien abductions in which they often lament the destruction of the earth: Hating people for being ignorant or destructive is like hating the earth for being polluted.


Steven Brent said...


I posted a response to this at emptydrum.com.

I was going to post it here, but then realized it would make a decent blog post in its own right. Plus I'm hoping to get some traffic over there :)

Apollo11 said...

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nat said...

wait, what is the setup for all this? who exactly is lamenting the destruction of the earth? aliens? like martians? are they bemoaning the fact that they (the martians) are going to destroy the earth (a la hitchhikers guide)? or are they bemoaning pollution and global warming? are they abducting people in order to give them some tough love over their polluting ways?

i feel like i remember emptydrum being into aliens too - i think its the whole repo man/existential alienation thing...

Steven Brent said...

nat -- you're right about my past infatuation with the subject, and the alienation part too (in my case at least). Come on over to my spot sometime and comment, even. I've been working pretty hard on it but have no idea how to self promote, so I'm reduced to semi-spamming Henry's comments sections :(

Will be putting up some new music soon, in case that's an enticement.

Henry Baum said...

I was on a trip for a few days, much needed, so I'm just getting to this. Went to Lake Arrowhead which turned out to be a decadent hotspot for people with 7 million dollar homes, but it was still nice to get away.

Yep, aliens bemoan our destruction of the earth. Some people say they're going to attack us, some don't. ("Some say they're coming soon, some say there's no such thing.") Just saw Inconvenient Truth, might write something about it.

Steve, no problem spamming here, it's not like you're hocking German fireworks. My emphasis here was on the "pollution" not the "hate." Strange that childhood obesity is becoming a problem at the same time as Global Warming. It's all pollution: people not seeing the long-term effects of pouring crap into their brains and bodies, no differently than they pollute the earth.

Steven Brent said...

I might not have any German fireworks to sell, but I can do a pretty decent Ethel Merman impression.
Increase your sexing!

Morgan said...

Interesting take on what aliens are thinking. Some great sci-fi books on this website. You'll love it!

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