September 12, 2007


I got me a new job. Full-time. At an office, with people. All this time I’ve been working at home. Made sense when my daughter was at a Jewish daycare, an obscure holiday taking her out every other week. Her next preschool let out at 3:45 so I’d have to begin walking over there at 3:30. Never having a full workday. Now I do. She’s in school from 8-6. Sounds like a heavy load, but she complains about having to go home. She loves it there. Evolved into a kid overnight.

So, good news. My wife also got a new job recently, pays a lot more than she was making. It’s been hard financially these past years. Haven’t ever divulged that. We were close to divorce, at least fought a lot. It’s true. It’s been fucking hard, really. Now, better.

In other good news, this story from yesterday seems like the best environmental news to hit in a long time: Radio frequencies help burn salt water

Maybe the apocalypse isn’t upon us.


Trula said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you I totally get that, the financial stress. I'm a writer too and it's hard because the money is either feast or famine. It's really stressful on a marriage. We almost divorced too and money was one of the big issues. Things really improved for us when my husband finished grad school and got a permanent job, and I'm making money more consistently now too. If you can make it through that, you will make it through anything. I'm glad you two are doing better.

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