September 21, 2007


Started my new job. It’s why no posting, after I made something of a resolution to take this up again. Pretty intense working in an office. Basically doing the same work, copywriting, but with co-workers, after being alone inside, just me and a stereo for going-on years. Got to get my socializing chops back up. Nice people, but I’ve never been very good at small talk. But it does make me feel a part of the human race a bit more. Working on the 3rd St. Promenade. Looks like this:

3rd st. promenade

Full of hot-bodied shoppers and buskers when I go to take my coffee break. Feel both more a part of the human race and never so much an alien. Started a screenplay to help remember who I am. It's about dreams.


R.W.Hedges said...

Henry it's roy. I just wept about sew myself. That dog you had years ago. I'm just listening to outinthewoods.....It's great, really powerful and a notch up in every respect. I have been meaning to come and read more of your amazing entries to this site. It's a whole bloody world in here. Last night i had a few tears listening to 'love theme from romeo and juliet' whilst cooking prawns. I felt i'd been such a knob end that i may aswell listen to the carpenters 'only just begun' which i did. What's happening to me? lord knows, but reading ashtree is a great inspiration. Roy(r.w)

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