January 29, 2008

Van Halen!

Oh man, this is one of the most amazing things I’ve heard online. David Lee Roth’s vocals isolated for “Runnin’ with the Devil.” Click it, amazing. He’s like John Coltrane playing three notes at once. How in the hell does he do that with his voice?

Runnin with the Devil

After reading DLR’s autobiography a couple months ago, I got obsessed with Van Halen. Played every record. Found good Youtube stuff. Like Ice Cream Man.

Or Eddie Van Halen, wasted, destroying a guitar.

I’d love to see them live, way cooler than seeing Led Zeppelin reform, they ain’t nothing without John Bonham.

Been listening to more drum-heavy music, now that I've got a drumset. Almost got it working. Almost. Sort of painful getting it set up. I'll probably write a review of my drum set-up because I've been nerding so heavily about V-drums and software. Playing drums again has been a nice sense memory of what it was like when I was 25. Don't know what you've been missing til you've got it back. Realize it was the main thing keeping me from considering myself as a songwriter. Always thought a band would come down the pike at some point, time in a recording studio, but I kind of like the idea of playing everything myself. Recording to come soon. I may sign up for this.


Anonymous said...

I thought VH was fun in the '80s. But for some reason radio stations on the East Coast have forced them into heavy rotation for the last decade. Hearing them today reminds me of Phil Collins overplay way back when. I don't think I could listen to them again.

I always preferred DLR over Sammy--not even close. But I'd have to have some doubts about his vocal range today.

And although Led Zep is not the same w/o Bonham, I can't see VH being the same as from the peak days all those years ago.

Henry Baum said...

Check out Van Halen 2007 on Youtube. Pretty entertaining.

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