January 10, 2008


A note to everyone, RW Hedges record, which I reviewed, is out now. The best record I’ve heard in years.

rw hedges

Meanwhile, I’ve become totally obsessed with the election, much like 2004, much to my wife’s chagrin, an election which crushed me emotionally. Some zealotry for Obama here.

Thirdly, I just went into debt and bought a drumset, which is seriously going to change my recording life.

simmons sd7k

Still figuring it out how to make it talk to Logic Express 8, which I also bought, but drums are the main thing that’s been holding me back. I’m a drummer first, before being a songwriter. I just could never get a song to sound like I wanted it to sound.


Henry Baum said...

To counter the idea that I’ve gone totally off the deep end in my idolatry of a political candidate, I wrote this comment on Kos:

“I also watched Obama's follow-up [to Kerry’s endorsement speech] and he gave the same speech as he did in NH. I could imagine people thinking, "That's it? I was expecting to cry." The bar's been set very high. As the "change candidate" it could ring a little false if he doesn't change on the campaign trail, and it's just campaigning as usual. The euphoria is part of his campaign and without it he seems more like just another politician. It's a new media world. His NH and Iowa speeches can be watched 24 hours a day. That changes how campaigning works.”

Also, my Simmons drumset may not work with Logic, dammit. But I'll return it and get a DTXplorer, which does.

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