July 3, 2008


I guess now is as good a time as any to talk about the ongoing insanity that is my life:

Going through a divorce.
Only going to see my daughter half-time.
Found out in the recent months that my health has deteriorated. I feel all right, generally, but my future health is pretty uncertain. Bad kidneys, so you know. With no long-term health insurance.
Next, on the way back from a move to my new apartment, I got into a car accident, totaling my car.
The day before my birthday.
Yes, rough.

Things are very weird and nerve-wracking right now, but good too, moving on and forward in a way that was meant to be. The marriage couldn’t last. May or may not write about that. So fucking much to do right now, pretty overwhelming. But I think I want to get writing here again, as I’ve got a different type of time to kill. Nice new template to break it in.

I also owe it to my publishers to be more visible again. Good timing, really, that the reprint of my novel came out now, as this big change is here. So buy it. It’s a base price of $4. $4!!! And then add whatever you want to the price above that. The book looks fucking great, proud of it. And it’s FREE TO READ online. Read it and make whatever donation you think is right afterwards, that’s how they work.

I’ve got a lot to say, so I will. That song I posted last week puts it in perspective, didn’t want to write about it then. First verse is to myself about not seeing my daughter. Second verse is to my daughter, should she ever lose me permanently. Heavy, heavy times, but I’ve got much hope and will.

Here it is again:

Muse - Ash Tree

I don’t need a song about her
She exists in more than name
But the song might be permanent
And I don’t want her to go away, away

When you hear this song remember
All that I wanted to say
Like your soul – it is infinite
And that I won’t ever go away
I will never go away, today

OK, that’s my life story. I’m off to see a shrink.


Darryl Sloan said...

Hi, Henry.

Just dropping in to let you know that I, for one, appreciate the more personal side of your blog.

Thanks for sharing, and I hope things work out for you, man.

stella.cain said...

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