July 9, 2008


I am freakishly tired. No time to think about much of anything except what needs to get done. In two weeks time, found a place, bought furniture, shopped for whatever else, worked when I could. Finally got myself a car yesterday. A big relief, bleeding money to rent a car was no fun. And the new car rules:

volvo 240

A 91 Volvo 240, black. Can’t be too many of them around. Previously had this (Not the actual car):

chrysler cirrus

Homely, but worked. Except the brakes screeched like an old lady and the radio didn’t work. Wish I had taken a cellphone picture of the car after the accident. The right front was smashed in, couldn’t even roll to the tow truck. Never been in an accident – both airbags deployed, sprinkling some kind of dust in my face that I smelled for hours afterwards, everything seemed to turn white. Corner of my eye saw a woman at the streetcorner backing out of the way. Hit so hard that my car nearly spun around, rolling into a newspaper box. Corner of Bedford and Olympic, which I now try to avoid. First couple of days driving sucked, nervous, thought it might stay that way. But I’m back driving without much problem. And the Volvo drives like a tank, so it feels safe, and slow enough that I can never be impatient.


Spiral Stairs said...

Glad to see you're surviving all the crap that's been going on and putting in place the necessary pieces of a revised life. I wasn't sure what to say when you posted about the ridiculous list of misfortunes that have befallen you; it's easier to say I'm happy that you're making it through.

Henry Baum said...

Thanks, Spiral, & thanks for still coming around here. It's been harrowing, but necessary. Except the car accident, though I'm glad to have new wheels. And getting out of a bad situation is going to be good for my health. So, fucked up but also good.

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