September 9, 2004

The Environment

It occurs to me that I might sound like a psychopath. I don’t want to sound like a psychopath. I don't want to sound like a conspiracy freak. I’m releasing some of my most extreme worries here. It’s probably more reasonable to talk about an apocalypse in terms of the environment, rather than a possible world war. I’m not even an avidly protesting tree-hugger, but I do believe we have to protect the Earth, and all points suggest that we are not. The Pentagon came out with a report that environmental disaster was a pressing issue. This was the Pentagon, not Greenpeace.

Currently there is a war on the environment. Curtailing environmental destruction is much easier than fighting the war on terror. It’s easier to stop a corporation from polluting the air or the water than it is to stop one random creep from blowing up a restaurant. But they don’t. Laws now favor corporations. And that’s strange.

Something has to explain policy which is very basically not a good idea, and benefits only a few. This is the core of conspiracy theory--people getting together and devising plans that benefit only them. Honestly, Kerry, wealthy son of a diplomat, married into an empire, old money, old Ivy League, old politics, is even a likelier candidate to be in on a conspiracy.

The Republican platform just seems against common sense. If you asked people, "Are you pro-pollution?" most would obviously say No. "Are you pro human rights?" "Do you think you should be paying more taxes than rich people?" "Do you think people should have health care?" Etc. This is what gets me riled up until I become a kind of extremist. This world is frustrating and beautiful. I don’t want to see it go away.


Billy said...

just today i was raging against man's foolish disregard for the environment. i mean where are our kids gonna leave if we poison our home? the so called leaders are blind rats drowning.

Anonymous said...

no matter who runs the world, there will always be a war around the corner. all i hope is that it's not anytime soon, because i can't loose someone i barley really have.

xo. war.

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