September 7, 2004


There is something wrong with me. I said I wasn’t going to check my referrers on this site, but I’ve gone and made it so I can anyway. I can get addicted to anything, including how many hits I get. Perhaps I’m a masochist. In fact, I am a masochist.

In a sense, blogging is a dangerous artform for the easily addicted. Instant gratification. You can see your readers evolve. It’s an amazing window--it feels very good every time I find that someone has stopped by. There’s no chance that I could sell 100 books a day, but a hundred hits is not impossible. "Hits" may just be the right word.

Overall, blogging has been a great experience. It’s one of those things we might take for granted because it exists. Everyone having the ability to self-publish. I always dreamed of becoming a successful enough writer that I might have my own column which people would read and trust my opinions. Sort of my "Notes of a Dirty Young Man." A lot of ideas and writing have been lost while I waited to be successful. No telling if people will trust my opinions, but it really doesn’t matter. There’s always the possibility that they might. I have hoped for overnight success for too long. It’s time to get writing.

I’ve also put up links to books on Amazon. It seems a little odd to try to make money off of other people’s work, but I gotta make money somehow. I’m certainly not going to make any money off my own books. And I can point people towards some good writing. Judging by the number of referrers I’m getting, money probably won’t be much of an issue. Deprecating. I still have the ambitious dreams of an editor coming by the site and thinking, finally, there’s our man. Some habits won’t die.


Andrew said...

See, I've read enough of what you've written here and enough comments about Oscar Caliber Gun to be interested in reading it. Unfortunately, living in the Philippines I know I won't find it in what passes for bookstores here, and international shipping tends to be expensive and lengthy. Perhaps someday.

For now, I plan to read what you write here on your blog, at least. Enjoy the expansion of your readership. It is indeed addicting.

Andrew said...

Odd, I posted a comment earlier but it isn't showing up. Anyway, I know for sure about the addictive properties of blogging and checking your referrers. It can become an unstoppable, unquenchable urge. But you just keep on going, and hopefully write for yourself first, for possible readers, second. At least I try to.

I'm intrigued by your book actually, from what you write here and other comments on the book itself, it seems worth picking up. Living in the Philippines makes it somewhat difficult to get my hands on more obscure titles, unfortunately. Maybe I'll get a friend to send it over to me from the US.

Billy said...

i understand. i got money dreams too. to find some sort of freedom. or am i dreaming thinking my books will save me?

Energy Spatula said...

I have to say, when I first started blogging I check all my little stats a million times a day...but now, rather like a christmas present that has lost its newness, I only check a couple of times a week. The blogging itself, and to a lesser extent, the comments, have become much more important. Before I wondered about WHO was reading my blog and now I know many of the people who read, if only through the comments they leave and emails they send, and so I don't worry about the stats as much. However, I know I check the comments more than what is probably healthy! :)

Anonymous said...

Go for it. Put up Amazon, put up AdSense, start your
own website. Just keep on writing. Writing is one of
the greatest addictions of all and a lot of people do wait
and wait. I'd even almost forgotten the dream, but it
lived on until I finally got into doing net business
and writing a newsletter, articles and blogging.

And no, it isn't exactly what I dreamed of long ago, still
it is a very pleasant addiction and the more you do it
the better it gets. You've got the possibility, the
place and the power. It will all come together if you
never stop.

posting as anon, as my blog here isn't
very relevant to yours)

Anonymous said...

i write because that's all i have. maybe one day i can have more than that.

xo. war.

(sorry these are getting shorter. life's making me tired.)

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