January 18, 2007

Falling from the Sky

Help support a new anthology I’m featured in: along with Kristopher Young, Tony O’Neill and other good writers. Says there:

For any pre-order contribution above and beyond the base price of $12 we will list your name in the back of the book as a friend of the press who helped make this release possible.

We’re putting out Falling from the Sky no matter what - but there are a lot of expenses involved in releasing a book, and we’re hoping your generosity will help to defray those out-of-pocket costs. It’s really simple - the faster we recoup the sooner we can release the other great projects we have in the works. Once we recoup our direct costs, we will begin paying out 100% of contributions as royalties to those involved in the project. Our authors can optionally ‘tip-back’ part of their earnings to Another Sky Press which we hope in the long run will make us self-sufficient… but right now, we need your help.

Click the cover:

Falling from the Sky


Anonymous said...

nice. what are they printing--story/chapter?


Henry Baum said...

It's a story called Camera Shy--about a woman becoming a pen pal with a character from my first novel Oscar Caliber Gun/The Golden Calf.

Steven Brent said...

Looks good -- I will preorder it if you promise to stop returning my obsessive fan letters. BTW, I posted something about you on emptydrum.com.

You know you want to look!

:) SB

Henry Baum said...

Aw, thanks. Yes, everyone hit that emptydrum link. His two new songs are good. Mandatory freedom rally good.

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