January 11, 2007

More and More

Update on my life. I dropped out of one computer obsession only to replace it with another. I’ve spent the last few months researching computer recording. For a while I shunned computer recording for no good reason. I wanted my fiction life and music life to be separate—also I didn’t need another reason to stay on the computer. Thought recording on the computer was too impersonal. I started looking into it—got a box to plug in a mic and guitar. Got a midi controller keyboard. It totally and completely fucking rules. I can play real piano, strings, horns, synths, whatever. Amazing the amount of stuff you can do.

The recording I’ve put down here so far has been so sloppy and imperfect. I never took songwriting very seriously because I could never record it like I wanted. Figured that after I make a million dollars I’ll be able to record in a real studio w/ strings, horns. That or I’d meet some friendly, willing musician types. None of that seems to be happening. So I’ve finally made the leap into taking songwriting seriously. It’s all I’ve been thinking about.

Here’s the first thing I recorded. I hope to record a lot more in 2007. I’ll put it up here. I spent a lot of time with this song just trying to figure everything out:

More and More

Another cool thing recently is I was listed in the 2006 Underrated Writers project. Thanks go out, again, to Susan of Dogmatika.


Spiral Stairs said...

Woo hoo! Henry's back! Thank god for my trusty Ash Tree RSS feed. I very much like the new tune. The computer certainly has not given your music an impersonal tone. Do you use Garage Band? Or is that hopelessly inadequate for the level you're at?

I took advantage of some time off for the new baby and my inability to read Ash Tree to write a first, very rough, currently unsatisfying draft of a novel. The longest thing I've written by a factor of ten. Feels good to hold it.

Henry Baum said...

Great to hear from you, SS. Haven’t seen you on your blog in a while. This was recorded on Garageband. It can do an incredible amount of stuff for having come free with my computer. I mixed it with Logic Express.

Cool about the novel. I want to read it, but you wouldn’t even send me that one story way back.

MWS Media said...

Nice track, Henry! I've been preparing to dip back into DAW song production myself, and allowing myself to be intimidated by the learning curve. Hearing your rather Downey Mildew-esque track gives me confidence. Keep it up!

Spiral Stairs said...

Yes, I suppose there has been an unlabeled "End" to my participation on that blog.

As for the novel, I've told my wife she can read it once I've given it one very thorough revision. I'm nowhere near that right now. Besides, I would feel bad if you read it, because I still haven't read the copy of North of Sunset sitting next to my bed.

breakdown said...

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Daddy said...

This is outstanding music! Damn, I am SOOOOO jealous. Not only can you write prose, but you compose, produce, record and sing. I can hardly walk.

I would pay money for this. Seriously, if Atlantic has any sense at all, they'll sign you up right now. Top 40 all the way, and I mean that in the best possible sense.

Jonathan Siberry said...

The new tune is awesome, how come you dont have a record deal.

I like your writing style and you have dreams in which your working on completing.

I am a bit of a dreamer but in something different, mainly car parts (yes car parts, sad i know but i enjoy the satisfaction of making something work, so doing cars up with new car parts is so satisfying to me)

everyone has their kicks

anyway good post


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