January 25, 2007


I am going to be on a panel at the:



Getting Published – The Book Panel

Moderator: Jodi Wille, Process Media
Iris Berry, author, "Collect Calls"
Ellen Reid, Little Moose Press
Henry Baum, author, "North of Sunset"


Daddy said...

Good for you! Be sure to tell me what the secret is, that is, as the panel of FYI determines. I'd like to get published, with an advance.

Steven Brent said...

Hey, if they are going to be offering an audio or video podcast or some other downloadable record of the event, would you keep us posted? I looked around on the site for info on such, but didn't see anything like that.

Seems like an interesting event, I hope you enjoy it!

IanB said...

Henry, nice to see you are still blogging ! A notoriously slow reader I am just about to read North of Sunset [plenty of time now I'm back on 3 x week dialysis] I'll work my way through the Baum cannon "!! I'm blogging again now my health is back on an even[ish] keel !! I'll let you knwow how I find N o S when I finish it !!

SB said...

So how'd it go!?

Henry Baum said...

Actually it was pretty depressing. A lot of talk about how a writer has to SELL SELL SELL and not a lot about the process of writing. As if marketing is all that matters. I wanted to scream out, "Marketing fucking sucks." And I only went DIY because I had no other choice.

Henry Baum said...

This makes me feel better though.

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