April 12, 2007


Some things: I’m going to be in this anthology, a book put out by 3 Am Magazine about New York, Paris, and London. My story’s about New York, called “Thirteen Mississippi.” I asked the editor if my wife could submit a story and they accepted it. First time we’ll be in print together. First time she’ll be in print. More info later. I also asked my agent if he could take a look at her memoir and he agreed, which is fucking cool, so hard to send blind queries to agents.

Blogs I’ve been reading:

Urban Outlaw, editor of another anthology I’m going to be in this year
Philip K. Dick blog
Empty Drum, dedicated spammer
Strange Attractor, strange attractions

RIP, Vonnegut.


nat said...

that's great, congrats.
and your wife's blog-like thing (i assume maybe the memoir is related) - is really fascinating and great too. psyched to see her story as well...!

Henry Baum said...

Thanks. This is the first time people might realize I'm married to her. Our bios out each other as husband and wife.

Henry Baum said...

Two of the four blogs I link to are now defunct.

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