July 17, 2008

Music Box

Last night I was woken up at 2 a.m. by a music box starting to play, out of nowhere. The sound of a music box is eerie, no matter how nice the song, especially being woken up by it. Last week when my daughter was here, I was beat tired. She very sweetly put a blanket on me, gave me a stuffed animal, and cranked the music box so it would play. Because she rules. There's no reason that the music box should start playing out of the blue a week later after it had wound down. My theory: she was dreaming about the music box, which set the music box going in my place. I ended up dreaming about her.


Darlyn said...

wow! she turn your whole night up side down...

i am having fun reading some of your post... anyway care to ex links? here mine http://darlyngemwords.blogspot.com/

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