March 24, 2009

Vote on My Book Cover

My cover designer has come up with two different covers for my novel. Please vote below.

Black or White?

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painterofblue said...

Seeing the black cover against the white background of your blog makes it much more striking. However, I wonder if I would feel the same if I saw both covers against say a wooden table. Because you have the word death in the title, black my be too heavy...

painterofblue said...

oops, I meant dead, not death...

Henry Baum said...

I agree with you. My initial reaction was that the black cover was too bleak. The book's dark, but not depressing, I hope. Problem is the white cover is too bright. Generally, the black cover is closer to the intentions for the book - not perfect, but close. I asked the designer to experiment with a dark blue cover, but that didn't work either.

The black cover overall works best - especially in a small jpg, which is how most people are going to be seeing it online.

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