March 26, 2009

Women of the World Take Over

Don’t know why the women have to be fashion model beautiful, but one of the most beautiful recordings ever made. Has its origins in this song by Ivor Cutler:


Heroinhead said...

Whats the american Book of the Dead?

Sounds interesting.


Henry said...

Man, thanks for writing. TABOTD is my novel about the end of the world - you know, when "Men of the World Take Over" - it should hopefully be out within the next couple of months.

And anyone/everyone I recommend clicking his username b/c he writes one of the more fucked-up but well-written blogs you'll ever see.

Heroinhead said...


Thank you for what you say... that's very kind.

When your book is out give me a shout & I'll buy a copy from you.

Best Wishes, Shane.

multi monitors said...

sounds very interesting!

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