February 10, 2005


I really have to work today. There can be no extended blog entries. Here’s a nice site about William Burroughs that I wish I could’ve written.


Spiral Stairs said...

Isn't that the nice thing about being a writer, though? Blog entries are working. Or at least practicing. Or something.

I must pass on my uncomfortable writing-related moment yesterday. Last night was the first session of the workshop I just signed up for. I had volunteered to bring something in for the first class, so I did. I always feel very weird when I am present while someone is reading something I've written, though, and I assumed I'd be handing out my story at the end of the class. But, no, the teacher had me hand it out half-way through the class. And all the students started reading the first few lines, as is natural.

The problem is that my first sentence is a fairly explicit reference to masturbation. I saw some raised eyebrows. Two women actually made eye contact with each and laughed under their breaths. I really, really wanted to say, "No! It's not just about masturbation! I'm not a pervert!" (What with it being the first class and all.) But I didn't, and I can only hope they read the rest of it soon so they don't labor under the (somewhat incorrect) notion that I am a sexual deviant.

Henry Baum said...

That's great. In celebration I send you to this quiz:

Masturbation TechniquesI'm Woody Allen. I'm both lustful and self-lustful.

tequilita said...

i'm woody allen too. how do you find these things?

Anonymous said...

any tribute to arthur miller?

Henry Baum said...

Kimberly, I'm caught. I spend way too much time perusing blogs. I can't remember where I found this, and I should probably give the person credit.

Anonymous Bongo, Arthur Miller is not a God to me, mainly because I'm not a playwrite. I've read and seen him and written a play, but other people are more qualified to write a tribute.

Gary said...

Hey Henry...

Was out of town for Mardi Gras, missed the change in the layout.

Love it! Great attention grabbing colors.

Nice job!

Love your writings as always.


Magazine Man said...

What a great blog. Hope you don't mind if I invite myself back (I won't raid the fridge, but I have a hard time keeping my feet off the furniture). Many thanks for linking to me; it was the cherry on the cake of my day! -- MM of Somewhere on the Masthead

Henry Baum said...

Thanks for that. I've been in a foul mood lately which is why I haven't been writing. Your comment helps get me back in the spirit.

Thanks too, Gary (American Regression.) I didn't realize you were a regular reader.

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