February 2, 2005

Daily Detox


If I’m ever going to do a commercial for something, it would be for Daily Detox: For Today’s Toxic Environment. This will probably read like a commercial. It has all of the best herbs that are good for cleaning out the body.

When I lived in NYC, I used to hit a tennis ball against a wall at some handball courts. I started up a game with a Puerto Rican guy and we’d play a game of handball using tennis rackets and a tennis ball. Sometimes I’d even win. Once I played the same game against a guy using just his hand and he kicked my ass, which was fairly humiliating.

An incredibly fun game, but also incredibly unhealthy. The handball courts were beneath the Williamsburg Bridge--soot and exhaust descended on those courts. Sometimes I couldn’t take in a full breath afterwards because I could feel the pollution in my lungs. The same thing happened to me as a kid living in L.A. After a day of playing, I couldn’t take a deep breath. It’s seems to be a lot better in L.A. now. Must be the smog checks on cars.

So I went to a health food store, bought some Daily Detox, and it cleared my lungs out right away. I also have bad kidneys so it’s good for me to get some extra help with cleansing my system. My kidneys work only 2/3 what they should. Doctors don’t know how it happened. My guess is that it happened during a horrible fever when I lived in Minneapolis--shivering uncontrollably, crazy hornlike glands swelling up on the back of my head. It might be when my kidneys got scarred. A bad fever can do that. I need to stay away from meat and keep my blood pressure down.

So I always feel a little bit toxic, unhealthy. It contributes to me feeling psychologically toxic as well--about all the dumb, bad, violent stuff in the world. Daily Detox has herbs that help the liver and the kidneys--Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Burdock, etc. Some supplements like Juniper or Licorice actually make the kidneys work harder so I stay away from them. I’ve done my homework.

What else is wrong with me? I’m 3/4 deaf in my right ear. When I was seven I got a concussion after a kid dared me to make a jump on the jungle gym from one bar to another and I hit my head. I ended up lying unconscious in the sand, blood pouring out of my right ear. Must have been hideously bad for my brother to see me lying there. Really, I think it’s years of playing drums and live music which have broken down my ear drum. Again, doctors don’t know what caused it. All they can tell me is that, yes, I have hearing loss.

Everyone’s got some maladies: these are mine.


Sabrina_C said...

i once broke my neck in 4 plaaces. because of this i can be classified as handicapped, even though i can walk. next time i offend you, please remember that i am "that" cripple girl.

Sabrina_C said...
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darling maggot said...

hahaha sabrina, the comment section fooled you and now you've posted twice! ah hahaha.

henry, have you ever had a colon cleanse? whatever a gallbladder flush?

darling maggot said...

whatever = what about.

i don't know how that happened.

also, do you use a fluoride-free toothpaste? fluoride fucks up your thyroid. so don't drink tap water. but i bet you know all about that already.

Henry Baum said...

I didn’t know that about flouride. I know about it being a mind control agent. Maybe mind control happens through the thyroid. I don’t do much for my health. I try to eat well, we have an old treadmill and I lift weights. Also I’m an enema man. Not really.

Sabrina, you talk about that a lot on your blog. Point me to a post where you write about what happened.

darling maggot said...

well the pituitary controls the thyroid so maybe the thyroid controls the pituitary in a wag the dog fashion.

no, i don't think so, but i do use a fluoride-free toothpaste. any little extra bit that might help, helps.

i'm really curious about colon irrigation. i'm jealous you can lift weights. do you do cock push ups?

Henry Baum said...


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