February 25, 2005


I watched the Peter Jennings special about UFOs last night. Not so bad--sober, not as condescending as it could have been. It was good to see witness reports from rational people--police officers, pilots, real people--instead of trailer trash and new-agers clouded by wishful thinking. This is the one thing I tell people who don’t take UFOs seriously. There are a lot more credible witnesses than you’ve ever heard of. And the word "cover-up" sounds conspiratorial, as if the govt.’s hiding dead alien bodies in Roswell. Actually the cover-up is visible--the govt. reports such as Project Blue Book and the Condon Report were designed to sweep the entire subject under the rug: by the admission of people who worked on them.

The scientists, of course, discount every witness, no matter how credible. This devalues the perception of millions and millions of people--a sort of delusion in itself. The SETI people were smug as usual--after all, if UFOs are real, they’re out of a job. They’re too busy trying to get TV signals from another planet, which may be more unlikely than UFOs.

The people at Posthuman Blues didn’t seem to like the show, didn’t go far enough. The show wasn’t for people who know anything about the subject, it was for people who think it’s a joke. Michio Kaku’s final sentiment was good: it's too important to scoff at and not treat seriously. I read his book, Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century, as research for my future-novel, which was an interesting read. I recommend Posthuman Blues if you have any interest in weird science whatsoever.

The most pathetic thing about the show were the commercials. Inventions for exercise equipment and cooking utensils that you only see on daytime TV. I guess they couldn’t sell commercial space for this show. Kind of sad and lonesome. Actually, I thought about buying the Tupperware lazy Susan. First time I ever wanted to buy something off TV. Maybe the UFO show was making me suggestible. I am the resident dishwasher in our house and this invention would change my life.


Spiral Stairs said...

I didn't see the show, but I've been tempted by the Tupperware lazy Susan before. In fact, I remember seeing that commercial and saying to my wife, "Ha! Another crappy TV product ... Who would ever ... hey, wait ... hold on a sec ... that's kind of cool ... we DO need Tupperware ......"

But I didn't pull the trigger. I think a person's first purchase of a TV product is kind of like his first time shooting up. It's unlikely to be the last.

Empty Drum said...

I wanted to see that, but am without TV. Hoping good ol' Bittorrent will come through! Though, I can see what you mean about it being intended for the uninformed....maybe not so exciting then, huh?

I'm reading the (sadly late) John Mack's Passport to the Cosmos right now. It's pretty good.

Oh, and *everybody* knows the Tupperware Lazy Susan is based on alien technology back-engineered from the Roswell crash debris.

Magazine Man said...

Damn! I wanted to see that show (although I could do without the commercials. I have enough Tupperware). I was curious to see how Jennings would handle the material. I totally agree about their being a lot more credible witnesses than you see, including some friends in New Hampshire who had the freakiest experience. And these are people who don't own ANY Tupperware...

tequilita said...

i missed the peter jennings show. i meant to catch it. oh well. and that tupperware lazy susan thing, YEAH! i've come so close to calling for it so many times....that, and the "grip and flip" ...the little old lady in that commercial really knows her shit. i always have trouble flipping fried eggs. i don't do it often, but when i do, that grip and flip thing would be great. and for wieners too....makes me wish i cooked.

Empty Drum said...

Well, it looks like Whitley Strieber didn't like it much. In fact, he is mightily PO'ed.

Henry Baum said...

The show did make a slight jab at "Communion." It was at its worst about Roswell and abductions. I’ve read interesting stuff about both. But I think it might be a good idea if the public mind moves away from these things. Instead of worrying about something that happened in the 40s, study the problem as it exists today. Though revealing govt. disclosure is one way to make the subject legitimate.

I’m still skeptical about hypnosis. I trusted John E. Mack but I’m not as sure about Budd Hopkins. Abductions contribute to people not taking UFOs seriously, even if it’s true. The word "probe" has done a strange amount of damage.

unsure. said...

sorry i haven't been around. things happen you know. i have nothing else interestign to write.


Henry Baum said...

I've been wondering about you. Glad to get a word from you.

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