August 24, 2006


Contracts are final and I am now part of this agency:

literary group

Home to Britney Spears AND Jessica Simpson, so they recognize good writing. Really, though, I’ve never had an agent at this level. The letter he initially wrote to me was like a fantasy I’d made up ten years ago. Basically: I want to make you a best seller and make you money.

Maybe with Tom Cruise being dropped by Paramount for his “recent conduct” and Mel Gibson’s meltdown, the novel will make more sense to people.


Natalia said...

*breaking out the champagne, etc*


Emil Michelle said...

I am so jealous, but you deserve it. Drink some champagne for me, too. Way to go, Henry!

Philofaxer said...

Now THAT is an eclectic client list. There are loads of current and former athletes... As well as (purported, alleged, supposed) mob-related figures. Is there something about you we don't know, Henry?

Congratulations on this ridiculously excellent step.

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Heather said...


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