August 23, 2006


Nick Mamatas writes about my recent EW appearance.

“I don't know whether to be pleased that he got some attention for a lulu title, or sad for him.”

I don’t know, pleased for me? I’m bitter because he rejected God’s Wife while he was at Soft Skull.

I’ll update about the agency stuff when the dotted line is finally signed. Don’t want to do it till then. Superstitious maybe, or paranoid. Turns out they didn’t get my signed contracts and I have to send them again. The postal worker seemed really angry, having a bad day. I never saw him put stamps on the envelope and he threw the envelope at his feet. Olivia was clawing me at the time, so maybe I just didn’t see it right. I thought I was being paranoid. Maybe I’m not. It’s a great agency where teen sensations, like me, get to sell their books.


Nick Mamatas said...

One rejection for one book doesn't mean I hate all your writing or that all your writing is bad (or that any of it is bad).

Natalia said...

I am *extremely* pleased for you, in all regards.

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