November 5, 2005


While I’m going down musical memory lane. Time to embarrass someone. Or make him pleased, I’m not sure. I got hold of a tape player so I can burn songs from cassette: the demo tape of the band I was in with Empty Drum, called Montag. His real name’s Steven Brent. We were a band for about a year, and we should have put out 90s records on Matador, or Merge, or Drag City, or some other ultra-cool label but it never happened. Steve is that good a songwriter. He’s up there with Lou Barlow, Steven Malkmus, Beck, and other indie rock superstars. The band fell apart due to…reasons. We didn't work at it long enough and we only got shows at the shittiest club in downtown NYC, the Spiral.

These songs comes from a demo we recorded at Slaughterhouse studios in Northampton, Mass.--where Sebadoh recorded a lot. We lived in Northampton for one strange, difficult summer and then moved back down to NY. It’s the best example of me playing drums. I want to finally post some of Steve’s old stuff. He’s abandoned it to work on newer songs. He is a great great songwriter and his songs deserve to be heard. These songs only touch on the number and variety of songs he’s written.

A song about aliens:

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A song about leashes:

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Empty Drum said...

Dammit, nobody cares :(

(Except for you and me, HB.)


Thanks for the kindness, and stay tuned to The Empty Drum Site -- new items from Concept Album #1 will be up soon.

Yr Fiend, SCB

Henry Baum said...

No one seems to care when I put up music. But they will, dammit, they will.

nat said...

hell yes. montag - and all of steven's stuff, really - is both spectacular and virtually impossible to find. hadn't heard any of it for many years and it remains amazing - it is criminal that it has not been made available to people. it is deeply influential and definitive for those of us who have come into contact with it. i am quite certain that there are volumes of tapes laying about somewhere.a proper retrospective - overstuffed CD comps and/or more comprehensive digital postings - is very much in order. thanks and take care.

Henry Baum said...

I've got those volumes of 4-track tapes and other stuff sitting in a box. One of these days soon I'm going to put together a CD.

gray said...

sounds good. i know people who prefer the less polished sound. that's all they buy. if there is a genre, i think this fits the bill. i would buy it.

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