November 2, 2005

Punk Rock

Proof that I was in a punk rock band. Here’s a song by my high school punk rock band, Caustic.

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"Gnarled fingers search for release." I didn’t write this song. I’m playing drums. I don’t think I can move my arms that fast anymore. This was recorded the summer after high school.

I designed the 7-inch. It was before design programs so I had to do a lot of cutting and pasting with glue sticks and scratch-on lettering. Remember scratch-on lettering? It was a pain. Here’s the Caustic 7-inch.


That’s a picture from Vietnam. The pressing of the record sounds much worse than the original tape. The cymbals are all distorted. It was a cheap place so what can you do. Caustic played one show--in our high school parking lot at lunchtime.


Arjan said...

you know, I have that album somewhere. good memories of your putting together your vivisection zine, wearing your wooly socks, on your Mac Classic.

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