May 10, 2005

Hachette Littératures

Holy Frog, I finally received payment for the French edition of my novel The Golden Calf from the publisher Hachette Littératures. I have been waiting months for this. It’s been a crazy long time, filling out French tax forms, receiving correspondence from the publisher in French which I could not read and would have to get translated. All the while hurting deeply for money. It’s not a windfall by any means, but now I feel like I can go out and buy a burrito or a CD without feeling like I am taking food out of my daughter’s mouth. Something to know about me: burritos are the ultimate food. And dark chocolate is the superior chocolate. I am going to go celebrate.


Empty Drum said...

Mazel Tov!

Spiral Stairs said...

Wow -- congratulations to internationally-recognized novelist Henry Baum, whose work has been published in [at least] two languages. You and your wife should go out for Frenchie food to celebrate.

Dark chocolate is so far superior to other kinds of chocolate that it isn't even funny.

Burritos are, indeed, one of the prime food groups. I'm partial to bean-and-rice burritos myself. Please don't hate me for what I'm about to admit: I have a weakness for the 7-layer burrito at Taco Bell (which is essentially a bean-and-rice burrito with guacamole and sour cream thrown in).

The idea of Taco Bell makes some people vomit. The reality of it makes other people vomit. Both make me drool.

Carol said...

ONly if that dark chocolate is dove chocolate...other than that dark chocolate-YUCK! ;P

nycwriter said...

Henry, I just received payment for my forthcoming Hachette book, too (Ma Vie a Yonago -- a collection of stories) after a long wait, and your entry was so funny and familiar! Congratulations.

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