June 30, 2005

Hugo the Hippo

Hugo The Hippo - Front lg

My dad wrote the book and the screenplay for "Hugo the Hippo"--a seventies kids’ movie which I haven’t seen in 25 years. My friend in elementary school got my dad to sign the book when he came over to our house for the first time. It was his favorite book. I think it has a small cult following. I just discovered there’s a site devoted to it: Hugothehippo.com.


Empty Drum said...

It was one of my top books of childhood...Can't remember if I saw the movie though...You should make an appearance at that website - they will worship you as the God you are! Go on AIM.

candice said...

Henry dear, (though I want to still call you Fraydo): Came upon your site via the Mink movie thing.

It's so hard to imagine that you're a 33 year old daddy. But then again, I'm a 37 year old mommy. GO figure.

Hope you're well. Hugo sounds interesting. I'll have to check Ebay for a lingering copy. Eli (my 3 y.o.) is all about animals....

Love, candice

Henry Baum said...

Candice, great to see you here. I would love to have gone to the Mink reunion recently. I’m three years late, but congratulations on Eli. Kids rule. For whoever's interested, I lived with Candice in a big slacker house full of musicians in Minneapolis when I was 19. Hope you come back here--at least to read this note to you.

diana said...

Henry, is there a way to get a copy of the film? I would so much to have it for my grand daughters (their father -my son- enjoyed it SO much in his childhood. I would prefer in DVD but it can be in VHS too. Thank you very much. Diana

Anonymous said...

Loved the movie.
Trying to get a copy on Ebay. They all look like super-dodgy copies, though.

José said...

I has been trying to find a copy here in Mexico,but it's imposible. I loved the pictures and I want my son see it.


Anonymous said...

hallo henry
I leave the link you on the studies of "Hugo the Hippo". You write to me please, I would want to make an interview your father.


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