June 18, 2005



I’m a pretty big Velvet Underground fan, but I recently discovered that there’s a mysterious final record by the Velvet Underground called Squeeze--put together by Doug Yule without Lou Reed. There are also concert recordings with Nico, John Cale, and Brian Eno that I didn’t know about. I also love Brian Eno’s 70s recordings. Not that I love Nico all that much. But I think I’m not a very good rock history nerd.


Empty Drum said...

That's an interesting find....Lately I've been listening to a lot of John Cale's first couple of albums: "Fear" and "Vintage Violence". Have you ever heard those? There is Eno involvement on some of it. I heartily recommend both albums. Too bad he never colaborated with John Lennon. OK, that was a non sequitur.
Please go on instant messenger sometime. I have matters to discuss w you.

RuKsaK said...

That's an extremely interesting find - I'm a fan of VU myself, but never heard about that album - a very pleasant shock indeed.

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